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Edition CF

Torch carafe large

Torch carafe large

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In the realm of artisanal creations, behold Cf. Edition, a treasury of rare and exclusive works crafted by the skilled hands of Candy Valentine in her atelier nestled amidst the vibrant heart of Los Angeles. She is drawn into a world where memories, woven into the very fabric of clay, stone, wood, and elemental essences, awaken a profound sensory journey. Within these tactile marvels, one can decipher the voices of ancient spirits, whispered secrets from bygone eras. The ceramics, at the core of this ensemble, form a profound connection to our daily existence, weaving a contemporary tapestry that pays homage to the timeless rituals of existence. It is a sacred bridge, a passageway to what I dare to call the 'eternal spring,' where life renews itself in perpetual splendor.

The monolithic Torch Carafe is ideally designed for: adding milk to your favorite coffee, cold lemonade on a hot day or displaying your finds from the flower market.

Hand-thrown on the potter’s wheel with Natural Sand clay body and sealed inside with our nuanced deep blue Midnight Moon glaze. The outside surface is left naturally textured. Dishwasher safe, however hand washing is recommended to properly care for your piece.

Material: Clay, glazed interior, unglazed exterior

Size: Approximately 4.25’’ x 10’’

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