Speaking a language of story-forward design, our shop is a place where creativity is fostered like a good idea. We’re proud to partner with small-batch designers and even smaller town craftspeople all over the world to bring a considered collection of objects to our community here in New York. Produced with integrity and intention, every item we sell is one we believe in from how it’s made to who makes it happen. We know their names and their stories, and consider it a privilege to share them with you.

A special thanks to Andrew Longo, Ash Chen, BzzWax, Blanca Codina, Cane Concept, Citrine, Christopher Studio, Edition C,F Fouta Harrisa, Gallery and Fen, Gary Pierre-Charles, Giardino Segreto, Heba Malaeb, Herve Sabin, Juanita Wichienkuer, Kolkata Chai co, Maadili, Mamo, Manifatura, Material Kitchen, Mara Zimmerman, Palestinian Soap Cooperative, Peter Sim, Ronald Jeudy, Scandles, Servito by Eta Beta, Silaiwali, Simaen, Sophie Lou Jacobsen, Studio Ford, Liam Lee, The Collective, Umaguma, Ume Studio, Yield, Rachel Sperry, and countless others who have played a role in our founding.

Outside of traditional wholesale, we proudly oversee a Cultivation Program as a  resource for designers, artists, and craftspeople that hope to turn their epiphanies into realities through creative licensing and production. Optimistic and unbound by labels or status, we offer practical support and genuine enthusiasm at our studio to anyone looking to make something from nothing.