Something we like about “common things” is the misconception that they are ordinary or insignificant. The truth is, in fact, that those are the objects that color people’s lives. Cups, pencils and the tiny table where you rest your water glass - these are the threads that tie the minutiae of daily life together. Our shop is an ode to those things.

Designer Feature

Simiæn emerges as an intrepid design atelier, a brainchild of the visionary duo Julia Schwarz and Lisi Penker. With an unyielding commitment to culinary exploration and a bold, interdisciplinary ethos, this boutique label carves its niche in the realm of gastronomic innovation.

A Gilded Pop Up Shop

With the holiday season comes our first pop-up shop presentation, gilded for good measure. Join us next Thursday, November 30th between 6—8PM at the shop in the talented company of sculptor Ivana Brenner, the artist behind Domingo Ceramics.

Over braided bread and aperitifs, we'll welcome Ivana's arts de la table project into our intimate space for a weekend of holiday shopping. Produced by hand in small batches, each of her pieces has a porcelain makeup with gilded embellishments that recall a sense of regality from another time. Both artful and functional, her pieces are the perfect holiday gesture.

Join us for a festive reception: Thursday, November 30 6-8pm