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Palestinian Soap Cooperative

Tbeleih Olive Oil Soap

Tbeleih Olive Oil Soap

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The Palestinian Soap Cooperative is a community-driven initiative that produces high-quality, handmade soap in the Palestinian territories. This cooperative is committed to preserving traditional soap-making techniques and empowering local artisans, particularly women, by providing them with opportunities for economic self-sufficiency. Their soap is crafted from natural, locally sourced ingredients and is free from harsh chemicals.

This traditional olive oil soap is often referred to as "Castile soap" and is renowned for its purity and natural ingredients. It is typically crafted using locally sourced olive oil, water, and other natural ingredients. These soaps are known for their high quality, gentle cleansing properties

From the Tbeleih family's Nablus Soap Company, dating to the 1600s. Theirs is made with certified organic olive oil. It is unscented.

Size: 2.75'' x 2.75''.x 1.25'' approx. 

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