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House of Waris Botanicals

Sweet Clarity

Sweet Clarity

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House of Waris Botanicals is committed to redefining our approach to wellness and stress, meticulously sources exquisite organic teas from diverse corners of the world, from the Himalayan foothills to the valleys of Fujian. With a core belief in the timeless connection uniting humanity with nature and our inherent creative essence, they are dedicated to partnering with individuals to reconceptualize the meaning of well-being, particularly in the whirlwind of urban life. Rooted in plant science and driven by a passion for education and celebration, their proprietary line of adaptogenic tea blends and immersive community experiences presents a delectable remedy for everyday stress, offering a thoughtful path to a better, more harmonious existence.

Boost your vitality with handpicked organic botanicals sourced from across the globe. This expertly crafted herbal blend enhances inner energy, revitalizing your daily experience.


Cardamom: Provides a warming and sensual aroma

Rhodiola: Stimulates the mind and supports productivity

Holy Basil: Enhances focus and supports against occasional stress

Ginger: Assists with circulation

Eleuthero: Promotes bodily balance during stressful times

Sweet Basil: Sweet aromatic flavor

Green Cardamom: Dispels stagnant or stuck energy

Orange Peel: Keeps energy moving

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