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Serving Bowl

Serving Bowl

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Based in Los Angeles, Lodo Ceramics is a sanctum of artistry where handcrafted stoneware takes center stage. Here, the delicate dance between organic fluidity and unwavering resilience finds its true balance. Wheel-thrown, meticulously trimmed, fired, and adorned with exquisite glazes, every creation comes to life within the confines of our production studio.

No two pieces are alike; each carries its distinct purpose and character. These ceramics are not merely static sculptures but tangible vessels, meant to be caressed by the hands of life itself. They are designed to grace your everyday existence, where their singular beauty harmoniously coexists with utilitarian grace.

In this subtle marriage of form and function, this elegant serving bowl transcends its utilitarian purpose, becoming a conduit for the profound connection between food, culture, and human interaction. It reminds us that dining is not merely about sustenance but a journey of sensory delight, where every bite is an ode to taste, and every gathering, a celebration of life.

Size: 8”x 3” approx.

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