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Mario Bianco - Saffron Honey

Mario Bianco - Saffron Honey

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The Mario Bianco family, along with their diligent team of bees, gather nectar from the flowers near their home in Caluso. They create a unique range of honey varieties, with a significant portion of their bees working in the Alpine foothills of the Gran Paradiso National Park, situated on the border of Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta. 

In mid-Spring, nectar from the first blooms of Acacia flowers is gathered from the lower Alpine slopes in Piedmont. Mario Bianco's Acacia honey is a sweet, intense, and elegant treat. It's a pale gold liquid, reminiscent of sunshine, with a lively acidity and a fresh taste. This honey is infused with local Piedmontese saffron. Rare & exquisite.

Made in 2021

125 grams

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