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Licking Rocks Espresso Cup

Licking Rocks Espresso Cup

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Simiæn emerges as an intrepid design atelier, a brainchild of the visionary duo Julia Schwarz and Lisi Penker. With an unyielding commitment to culinary exploration and a bold, interdisciplinary ethos, this boutique label carves its niche in the realm of gastronomic innovation. Simiæn's inception is a testament to an unwavering passion for gastronomy and a profound inquiry into the future of nourishment. 

Drawing inspiration from another of Julia's design research expeditions, Simiæn's maiden collection, "Licking Rocks," takes its initial steps. Born from stone segments that might otherwise be deemed as mere remnants, the concept of stone cups takes root and flourishes. Two years of relentless prototyping give birth to cups that stand as testaments to resource efficiency, hewn from the very stones that grace the landscape of Südburgenland, Austria.Simiæn's essence lies at the intersection of design exploration, an unwavering affinity for the lichen and rocks, and an inexorable determination to breathe life into these raw materials. It is a fusion of artistry, science, and an unrelenting quest to manifest the extraordinary from the ordinary.


Material: Natural Pannonia Green Stone

The stone espresso cup has a finely grounded finish and the material has its origin at the highest mountain of Burgenland, Geschriebenstein.

Dimension: approximately 2’’ diameter x 2.75’’ H

Instruction: Preferable to hand wash

Made in Austria

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