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La Collina Blu Extra Virgin Olive Oil

La Collina Blu Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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In 2020, Asa Johannson, along with her husband Stefano and business partner Francesco Biagiotti, ventured into the world of extra virgin olive oil. Asa, originally a journalist from Sweden, first came to Italy to explore its renowned food and wine culture.

This olive oil is a true sensory journey. Fresh and zesty, it instantly transports you to the picturesque groves under the watchful eye of Firenze's famous Dumomo. With its shimmering gold hue and hints of green, this oil strikes a balance between boldness and versatility. This olive oil is high in fruitiness and bitterness with zingy, spicy finish. 

Vintage: 2022

Size: 500ml

Region: Tuscany

Olive varieties: Maraolio, Leccino and Frantoio

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