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Studio Ford

Gunta Throw

Gunta Throw

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Studio Ford is a textile brand that embraces the enduring art of traditional Indian block printing. Inspired by the beauty found in everyday life, from nature to architecture to art and design, our unique products are born in Los Angeles and brought to life through hand-printing in Jaipur, India. This small-scale local production ensures top-quality, original, and eco-friendly textiles. Each piece carries a unique narrative of the time-honored craft of block printing, passed down through generations. Moreover, Studio Ford is dedicated to the well-being of people and the planet, allocating 5% of all earnings to support the local community in Jaipur.

Inspired by the often-underappreciated women of the Bauhaus era, our Gunta Quilt is a tribute to the remarkable Gunta Stölzl. Gunta Stölzl, the only woman to achieve the title of Master at the Bauhaus, served as the head of weaving from 1927 to 1931.

This reversible throw is a labor of love, handcrafted over several months. It's fashioned from block-printed percale cotton and features a natural cotton fill. Every quilt is meticulously hand-stitched using the time-honored unknotted running-stitch technique.

Material: 100% percale cotton, stitched with cotton thread

Size: 50 x 70 inches

Care: Wash cold and gentle with natural soap, hang to dry, or tumble dry low heat

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