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Fouta Harrisa

Future Romance Fouta

Future Romance Fouta

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In the kaleidoscopic tapestry of Fouta Harissa, one finds the vibrant spirits of Alia Mahmoud and Lamia Hatira entwined. In this narrative, the two Tunisian muses are staunch advocates of the belief that the symphony of harissa should grace every palate, while the craftsmanship of Tunisia's artisans should adorn every heart. They channel their energies into the realm of handmade textiles, where they unfurl the banner of exceptional design and unfaltering dedication. Thus, they have embarked on a journey to not only forge but also nurture and sustain the coveted careers of these masterful weavers, whose hands bring forth the magic of tradition and innovation in each thread.

Tunisia, where the warm embrace of the Mediterranean meets the timeless traditions of North Africa, we encounter the fouta (pronounced fu-tah) - humble yet versatile. These are the hammam towels that have journeyed through generations, transcending gender boundaries to become an indispensable common household presence. The foutas are not merely textiles; they are the very fabric of everyday life. They cloak shoulders as shawls, drape gracefully as pareos, unfurl their essence as beach and bath towels, and when the sun yields to the moon, they transform into cozy blankets. They transcend their original purpose to grace tables as tablecloths and beds as inviting spreads.

Material: 100% combed cotton

Dimensions: 2 x 1m | 6.5 x 3.2ft

Weight: 0.6 Ibs

Woven in a herringbone weave

Certified artisanally handwoven in Tunis

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