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Double Dinners

Double Dinners

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In the embrace of London's bustling heart, there blooms BZZWAX, a testament to the vision of Felipe Gardelli and Luma Fachini, two kindred spirits hailing from the lush embrace of Brazil. Their candles, like verses penned by nature herself, are wrought from ingredients that bear the kiss of Mother Earth. With beeswax harvested by devoted beekeepers, they not only ignite a warm glow but also fan the flames of vitality for apiaries and the bustling choreography of urban pollination, a harmonious ode to safeguard our planet's resplendent health.

The double cone candles are sold in pairs.


Set of 2 dinner pillar candles

Size: 10.6'' x 2.75'' approx.

Made of pure, locally sourced beeswax


Naturally fragrant

Self-trimming cotton wick

Burning time: 6 Hours approx.

Sourced and Made in the UK

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