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The Collective

Coffee Scoop - Brass

Coffee Scoop - Brass

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The Collective comprises a collaborative group with a shared mission of offering a thoughtfully curated range of handcrafted home accessories featuring a modern and timeless design. Their products are meticulously crafted to engage the senses, incorporating authentic materials that align with individual styles. The team behind The Collective is composed of seasoned designers, artisans, manufacturers, and merchandisers hailing from the home furnishings industry. Whether the items are used in daily life or for special occasions, their goal is to assist individuals in creating unforgettable moments.

The craftsmen within The Collective are regarded as experts in their respective fields, utilizing time-honored techniques such as sculpting, metal forging, woodworking, casting, and hand etching. These traditional practices are seamlessly integrated into their innovative designs, enabling the artisans to uphold and share their culturally rich heritage. Support for The Collective ensures fair compensation and secure working conditions for these artisans while actively contributing to the preservation of their invaluable cultural traditions.

Easily craft the perfect cup of coffee every time with our chic and durable coffee scoop. This handy tools is made from steel and eliminate the need for guesswork when measuring. They come with a shiny bowl and a hammered, rounded loop for added style and convenience.

Material: Steel

Size:  1.25'' diameter x 1.75'' deep.x 6.5'' long


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