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Cameroon - Large Wooden Spoon

Cameroon - Large Wooden Spoon

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Ah, the large, vintage wooden spoon from Marcher Acacia in Yaounde, Cameroon, a humble yet extraordinary artifact that beckons us to explore the poetry of everyday life. Crafted from the heart of Africa's rich traditions, it carries within its grain the stories of countless hands that have shaped it.


Carved with a grace that mirrors the sweeping savannahs and the sinuous rivers of Cameroon, this spoon is more than a utensil; it is a vessel of heritage. In its contours, we find the echoes of generations who have stirred communal pots, nurturing culinary traditions passed down through time. The wood, a testament to the land's generosity, speaks of a kinship between the earth and its people.

Material: Wood, unknown species

Size: 20'' tall approx.

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