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Ash Chen

Bud Vase - White and Blue

Bud Vase - White and Blue

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Ash, a queer Taiwanese American artist with Texan roots, embarks on a journey to unravel the essence of 'home.' With an invitation to the peculiar, they unlock a realm of creativity, a tapestry woven with curiosity, playfulness, and a touch of the uncanny. All ceramic items are crafted by hand and no two pieces are identical, a truly unique addition to any space.

Common Things features six pieces from Ash, three splatter blue candle holders in a matte finish, one white and blue glossy candle holder, one white and blue bud vase and one periwinkle and blue bud vase.

Bud Vase - White and Blue - Glossy 

Size: 1.5" x 3" approximately

Care: Hand wash with mild soap

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